There I things I don’t understand in life 
Lots of pain, and trouble and strife
We focus on the bad things and the sad things and the mad things 
Like the war and the tears and the blood and the killings 

We focus on things like genocide 
People killing animals and suicide 
About bad tv presenters who I can’t even abide 
And distressing ways in which people have died 

But I say we put all that hate aside 
All those bad thoughts and sad thoughts in our minds 
And we focus on what’s really great 
Like people saving lives and the great British bake 

Off with that there fit Paul Hollywood 
People often ask me, and the answer is yes – I would 

Or when people do un-offensive things the press don’t think they should
Let ’em have a go – we should do it too – it could do us all some good

And what about those awesome things in history
Like freedom of speech, and votes for women, and the invention of tea
I don’t understand why we focus on the negativity 
It’s all a bit like Ancient Greek to me 

Just Be happy